Film Crew

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The writing team who brought you blockbusters such as Officer Pigson: The Movie, Bat Pig: The Movie, Spiderpig: The Movie, Charlie Ate the Chocolate Factory and many more box office hits --

Citizens, Editors, Legends

Stanley Stanley
Stanley's path to becoming a writer started when he working as a janitor at PCTV studios and someone MISTOOK him for the writer and that's how he ended up getting to write his first screenplay. JUST KIDDING!
Vernon Vernon
Vernon went to a prestigious elementary boarding school where he was selected to become a writer after submitting the winning poem to a magazine contest.
Production Crew
Writing Department
Grandiose Macbeth Grandiose Macbeth: Staff Writer
Grandiose Macbeth is grand magister wizard at Pig Planet University he also writes for television
Androo copy editor
Development Team
Grandiose Macbeth (again): Executive Producer
Hammy Hamilton: Production Executive
Piggus McCafferty - artist-in-residence
Lighting by Et Al